Read how Kodak is venturing into the world of cryptocurrency, with three different products: KodakCoins, bitcoin mining, KodakOne, which is an Image Rights Management Platform.


January 10, 2018

“Who the heck buys into this crypto-mania in the stock market?

The answer just might surprise you. Turns out, some experienced day-traders are trying to ride the surge of buying that invariably follows companies that suddenly reinvent themselves as blockchain ventures. That’s enough, market watchers say, to bring in high-frequency traders and computer algos.

And to these players, what really matters isn’t so much that crypto is real, but that the share-price moves — and the quick profits — are…”


“When buying begets more buying, there’s easy money to be made — as long as you’re not the one left holding the bag. The frenzy was on full display Tuesday, when shares of Eastman Kodak Co. more than doubled after the longtime maker of photographic film said it will start issuing its own alt-coin. Kodak’s stock kept soaring today, almost doubling again in early trading.”

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