5 of the Best Privacy-Centered Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, with its public ledger where transactions can be traced years after they occur, is a privacy nightmare. If you are concerned about your privacy and don’t want the whole world to know about your transactions, you’d better consider currencies that offer better privacy protection. These are the five best privacy-centered cryptocurrencies.

At present, the most popular privacy cryptocurrency is Monero. It’s a ByteCoin fork and was launched in April 2014. It’s so private that even the addresses and the amount involved in a transaction can’t be seen by a third party. Because of the fact that Monero is CPU and GPU mineable, it’s especially popular among miners. One of the disadvantages of Monero is its high transaction fees, which is a downside for small transactions in particular. However, if you are looking for a really private coin, Monero is your best choice.

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