Thinking Beyond the Bubble: What’s Next for Cryptocurrency?

The great cryptocurrency surge in late 2017 followed by the equally great corrections in early 2018 has left the altcoin field wide open for new and innovative cryptocurrencies.

There’s no doubt that blockchain technology is a gamechanger. Cryptocurrencies and their associated tokens are creating a revolution. Backed by tech industry leaders like Richard Branson, blockchain technology has the potential to completely change how we live, work, pay and play.

In his take on the cryptocurrency market, Branson highlights the positive impacts he expects the technology to have and his enthusiasm for the changes to come.

But which cryptocurrencies best exemplify this future? DasCoin believes it has the ability to outlast the rest.

DasCoin is the brainchild of entrepreneur Michael Mathias. It is a hybrid of traditional centralized currencies and decentralized cryptocurrencies. Mathias and his 100-strong team aim to bring DasCoin into the ranks of Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies by providing world-class service with common sense regulatory accountability.

Despite Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision of a true peer-to-peer cryptocurrency system, regulation appears to be on the horizon. The U.S. government and other regulatory bodies have a duty, after all, to protect investors from predatory schemes. This was underscored by the most recent G20 and it’s unlikely that regulation will loosen up over time.

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