Tezos, A Launch Story: What’s Left Before the $232 Million Tech Goes Live?

The Tezos Foundation has a message for the community: the code belongs to its users.

Revealed in a statement on Monday, the non-profit is now directly pledging to take steps that will find it less involved in operations once the much-anticipated blockchain is launched. It’s a move reminiscent of the recent EOS launch, which has had a rocky start after Block.one, the corporate creator of the blockchain, handed over its tech to its community, and one that could signal a trend as more and more ICO projects go live in 2018.

In the statement, the Tezos Foundation states, “Tezos’ potential rests in the hands of its community, and we have no doubt that the Tezos community is among the strongest and most exceptional in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.”

Speaking exclusively to CoinDesk before the announcement, Ryan Jesperson, the chair of the foundation, went further saying, “The prior board had considered having a veto power for a year after it launches, but the new board has chosen not to have that power.”

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